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Magnacca & Associates work with founders, owners and business leaders to help them realise their vision.

In most cases, the leader senses the business is not performing at an optimal level or has an intuitive sense of an untapped market or geographic opportunity. They also realise that the bandwidth of the organisation is too narrow or the team is too mired in the day to day challenges of running the business to deal with the issue effectively.

Magnacca & Associates work with the key stakeholders to clearly articulate the strategic opportunity, identify the key business actions and assist the stakeholders to implement the programme which will lead to customer and market success.

Our Managing Partner, Mark Magnacca, oversees each strategic engagement and personally appoints the Senior Associate on the business who are in turn supported by a strong team of carefully selected and very capable implementation partners.

Magnacca & Associates is available on a project or longer-term basis depending on the needs of the client.

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